Using Body Language to Improve Case Acceptance


Using Body Language to Improve Case Acceptance

I have some exciting news for all my clients… I am a Certified Body Language Trainer by Vanessa Van Edwards of The Science of People!  In case you don’t know who she is, she’s the author of the book “Captivate, The Science of Succeeding with People” and she is amazing!

When I began my training to become a Certified Body Language trainer/coach which helped me improve in a lot of areas of my own business, I knew it could immediately help improve dental practices across the nation.  Why? Because when it comes to increasing your patient referrals, and improving your case acceptance, your confidence, and understanding how you are being perceived by your patients is key.

I have been observing dentists like you and their team interact with patients for two decades now, and I often noticed things they could do to enhance their nonverbal communication style (body language) and significantly change the response, perception and outcome of every interaction with the patients.


SMILE! Even Before Answering The Phone

One of the simplest things you must try is smiling more. If you are the front desk, do so before even picking up the phone, and if you’re the dentists, try it before stepping into the room to do your case presentation. Why? Because we all share 7 universal facial expressions that are hardwired to our brains and create a physiological response every time we experience them. Do a test for yourself right now, say hello not smiling.


Now say hello, when you’re smiling.


Automatically your tone of voice sounds more enthusiastic.

A smile not only helps you connect with your patients better and more, but it also improves your own physiology and mental state. When we have a sad or upset expression, we release hormones that causes us to stress and emit that energy to our patients, but when we smile, we release a happy hormone called oxytocin also known as the “cuddle hormone”. See, whether you smile or not, it has a direct impact on you FIRST, your choice!


What Your Patients Really Pay Attention To

When someone walks into your office, do you know the very first thing that patients notice when they meet someone at the front or you on a subconscious level?

You would think the answer would be,

“The teeth”
“The face”
“The eyes”

Your answer may be different than mine, but subconsciously, the first thing people notice is

“Your hands!”

Really? Why?! Let me explain.

Our brain unconsciously notices whether your hands are visible. It is an evolutionary trait or reaction that helped our caveman ancestors survive by gaging whether others posed a threat. Visible hands communicate openness and trustworthiness.

When you first meet a patient, make sure your hands are not in your pockets, holding your phone (which places you on a low power pose), or holding a bunch of stuff.

Make an intentional effort to always greet your patients with a nice handshake and a smile.


Make Eye Contact

Depending on our culture, making direct eye contact could be difficult, nonetheless, in your dental practice or in business in general, it is super important.

I’ve seen many dentists struggle with making eye contact. They look aside, sending patients a message that they are uncomfortable in the presence of the patient.

We are drawn to people that exude confidence. As you give the initial handshake, look them in the eye, smile and say “I’m really excited to meet you.”

You have your clinical approach mastered, you know what to say following the greeting and handshake which will make the eye contact easier. Try!


Now Bundle Them All Together

Remember, keep your hands visible, give your patients a firm handshake when greeting them while making eye contact. This will help you be perceived as someone personable and trustworthy, which will lead to having your patients want to work with you and say YES to treatment.

It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Emotions do show in spite of our attempts to hide them, and you certainly want to be aware and in control of your nonverbal communication style. Be mindful of what you do and work on the areas where you need to improve.

Above all, remember to be authentic. Remember all that you have to offer and the value of your services. This will significantly improve your confidence which in part will enhance your ability to use body language to your advantage! If you would like to read more about Body Language and me, click here.

Want body language training specific to your needs? Not a problem. We are trained to assess your areas for improvement as well as for your team. This coaching will last a lifetime and can drastically change the course of your business! Sign up for our coaching services, and I will personally help you in the next steps for you and/or your team. www.mdentcs.com