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How long does it take for an application be processed by an insurance company?

Processing time varies by insurance. It takes roughly a month when a location is being added to an existing application on file, and somewhere between six to eight months when you are beginning the application for the first time.

My office is still under construction, when should I begin looking into credentialing?

Start-ups usually go through a series of stages from the vision and site selection stage to the construction. Typically, it is recommended that the credentialing project initiates during the construction stage, about 3 months prior to the expected opening date.

Should I sign up for as many plans available in order to attract more patients?

Although it is convenient to participate and become contracted with multiple plans to keep a healthy payer not for the practice, it is imperative that you carefully select those plans that are most relevant to 1. Your location 2. Your vision 3. Your reimbursement expectency.

I'm hiring a person without much experience, how can you help?

Many dentists with startup offices find themselves debating on hiring someone with extensive experience versus someone with great potential; the perfect fit for their vision for the practice, but without the insurance knowledge. We understand your position and we take pride in having trained and coached many dentists and their dental team in understanding and working with insurance companies including PPO’s, Medicaid, HMO’s, and Local Union plans.

What happens if I hear about a plan after my project has been completed?

At Mdent Consulting, we like to think that once a client has retained our services, a relationship based on trust and assistance is vital.

For that reason, and because we understand that demographics are constantly changing, we continue to assess and provide credentialing services to our clients indefinitely

I'm already in the network with the insurance company, what now?

First thing that needs to happen is the update of your software and clearing house for electronic claims submission.

Many dentists who use our services to add new associates to their existing practices, report issues pertaining to the way billing is being done. It is important that your team is aware of the new changes and imperative that the new information including the contracted fee schedules get updated in the office’s system.